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Multiple Choices for the Children
benefiting Duke's Children's Hospital

MARCH 15-16, 2024
Location: New Horizon Church

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It all began with a baby girl...

Nina's oldest daughter Bergen, was born eight weeks prematures. She spent time in the ICU at Duke Children's Hospital. Her lungs were under-developed and the family was devastated and frightened for her life. The Neo-Natal Hospital, with their knowledge and their most recent research techniques, put Bergen's life back on a more normal path. This made a huge impact on Tommi, Nina's youngest sister. She was in high school at the time of Bergen's birth. After graduating from ECU, Tommi decided she wanted to do something for the children who "didn't have a choice." She wanted to help children who were given grave circumstances. Tommi's vision was to raise money to give back to Duke Children's Hospital, and with the help of Nina and Nina's Company Dancers, her dream became a reality.

The fundraisers, along with our Jazz Show, are all about CHILDREN HELPING CHILDREN. The dancers work hard and are taught how to give back to their community. Multiple Choices creates awareness of the hardships that affect a family's lifestyle when a child has a life-threatening sickness.

Thank you Nina, Tommi, the dancers, families, advertisers, show attendees and the countless volunteers who make this possible.

For more information, contact us at

About the Company Dancers


Formed in 1987, The Company Dancers of Durham have become known as a highly acclaimed group of performing artists. The program is committed to providing quality dance instruction that offers highly specialized training for the more serious dance student. With an emphasis on performance and community involvement, the Company Dancers participate in numerous community events as volunteers thus learning the rewards of building their character, strengthening their commitment, and having the continual reminder of good citizenship. The Dancers appreciate dance as an art form, not misled by fads and quick taught, commercialized, gimmick routines. We teach these dancers strong technique, clean, beautiful body lines, poise, grace, and the ability to move quick or slow with controlled movement. Their inner strength shows in their confidence when they take the stage. Each Company Dancers is truly characterized as the"total dancer."

The Company Dancer is a student who has skill, dedication and the love of movement. Depending upon their effort, each student may become the dancer he or she wants to be.

If you'd like to become a Company Dancer, or learn more, please contact us at or call 919-471-9662.

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